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About Me

My name is David Nathan and I am a true travel enthusiast. As soon as I can, I am a great traveler travels the world. It is also with great pleasure that he discovers Quebec and its hidden treasures. Fortunately for you, he shares all my finds on this site. It also gives a ton of advice to travel well and avoid the unexpected, then ideas for outings for weekends!

My commitment
My mission: to help you travel better. This Web portal is a site of contents and services to the Net surfers, dedicated to the voyage. Its mission: to do everything to facilitate the search and the choice of travelers.

How? Thanks to content produced and animated by our journalists and all our teams, the best promos of major tour operators, search engines to compare 85% of the market offers, a news and daily practical information, finally the tests and notes of our experts and customers.

My 9 guarantees
1. This Website is "objective" (or almost)
In order to eliminate any subjective criteria related to the choice and the presentation of your holidays, we opted for the double rating of the hotels of stays resold by the tour operators of the French market. Clearly, this means that we apply and offer double rating for all hotels and stays: the journalists and editors of our editorial staff go on site and rate hotels according to the European Hospitality Charter; Then, the users have the opportunity to make their own judgment about the stay they have made in the hotel. The opinion of the journalists (objectives) + the opinion of the customers = the maximum of guarantees as for the reliability of the information.

Regarding the results of your research on This Website, they are automatically sorted by increasing prices, but can also be classified according to the criteria of your choice:

For flights: Merchants, Airline, Dates, Departure Time, Arrival Time, Airports, Number of Stopovers, Note (The Quality / Price Score is based on price, credit card fees and duration of outward and return journeys)For hotels: Name of the hotel, Number of Stars, Area of ​​interest ie rating situation (this rating is calculated according to the position of the hotel compared to all hotels in the city and points of tourist interest), Value for money (This rating is calculated based on the number of merchants that reference it, the price, the note area of ​​interest.)For car rentals: Partner, Renter, Category, CapacityFor vacation rentals: Product Name, City, Rental Type, Distance (from city center), Type of offer, PartnerFor Flight + Hotels: Number Stars, Merchant Partners, Airlines, Airports, Hotel Name Fares must be displayed TFC (all fees included) and any additional mandatory fees must be clearly displayed. Comparators must require their merchant partners to display the main characteristics of the product (additional costs, delivery times, warranty period). Optional fees may be added to the basic price (baggage fees, insurance, over-classification), when this information is available, we make our best efforts to post it on our site.

Finally, note that the list of products offered is not exhaustive, but represents the offer of our partners which however covers 80% of French production.

2. Without being exhaustive This Website aspires to offer you the most complete offer possible
Since my beginnings almost 15 years ago, I have always applied the same editorial policy: the contents, the services, the most complete products possible for all the countries, on nearly 100 referenced merchants.

The stays represent a preponderant part of the tourist market. To meet this demand, 12,000 hotels have already been visited by the this website teams (more than 8,000 of which are available for booking on our website).

We have database test 1,000 hotels each year. And we apply the same requirement for the selection of other products that we put forward, all from the offer of almost all Europe Tour Operators (TO).

3. This Website creates its own content
This website is a site created for and by travel lovers. You will find reports, in text but especially in photos, tests, thematic files, advice and points of view that we publish daily through our editorial team.

The body of my site is composed of 252 index cards which cover all the countries of the planet: 250 000 pages of contents, 1.700 000 photos, 500 maps, all the reasons to go there and the most complete base possible in terms of practical information...

Each hotel now has its expert ratings or Internet users, just as each destination has its "+" and "-" that we do not hide, quite the contrary. On This website, you will find very good notes - fortunately! - but also very bad...

4. This Website offers a real selection of promotions
Thanks to our multiple partners, we track the good plans, which we update each morning. Real promotions, but also malignant ideas, thanks to our comparison engines, to find the best value for money, whether you are looking for an all inclusive stay, a tour, a means of transport, a hotel or a car for rent.

Although this is not immediately apparent at first reading, every week we select an average of 100 promotions that are worth discovering.

5. This Website does not sell anything by itself
The greater the choice, the more the risks of being wrong are mitigated. And to better choose, better to consider the offers of the largest number of sellers. This is what we are doing every day through our comparative engines.

The offers are updated very frequently every day (most often in real time) and at most every 24 hours.

We do not sell anything, but we allow you to access, in one or two clicks, offers that we guarantee honesty and professionalism, so you can book and buy them online. But it is on the site of our merchant partner that you will make your reservation.

My service is 100% free for internet users. We are paid by our merchant partners (via a written contract).

This remuneration has no impact on the ranking of the offers on our site, nor on the final price of the trip referenced on our site.

We have no capital link with the merchants listed on our site, with the exception of Lagrange Vacances which holds a stake of less than 1% in This website.

This link does not affect the presentation of Lagrange Vacances offers on our site.

6. This Website collects all the practical information for your trip
Is there a visa? What is the currency of the country? What about the health situation? What budget do you anticipate? It is obvious that it is vital not to overshadow: a trip is preparing

In a few clicks, This website tells you everything about a country, a city, a circuit, a seaside resort... Nowhere on the web will you find such a collection of practical information. We sift through all the elements - and even more - necessary for the proper preparation of your trip.

7. This Website offers a daily update of its contents
A party not to be missed? A unique concert? A surprise strike? A hurricane announced? A new airline? The opening of a new hotel? The world moves and This website moves with him.

Every day, This website editorial team keeps you informed of all the news, all the events, good or bad... in short all the news that can alter the flow of tourism around the world or that will allow you to make the right choice in all serenity

8. This Website opens to your opinions and testimonials
Well before other sites dedicated to travel, I am not launched a forum yet, open to comments, testimonies of all. A forum without any censorship, provided of course that are respected the rules of politeness.

This Website also federates the most loyal of its users through the This website Club. Members are invited to comment on their hotel stays around the world by giving their opinion on the establishments in which they have stayed, as well as our journalists and editors. They are also mobilized around our forum, where advice, advice, questions and tips are exchanged. They finally have the opportunity to regularly participate in games, and win free flights and trips.

9. Processing of personal data relating to users
As a user of our site, This Website guarantees the protection of your personal data through our charter relating to the use of cookies.

This Website offers you to receive by email a weekly selection of our good deals of the week, as well as the best articles of our journalists and editors.

By subscribing to the This Website newsletters, you authorize us to create, keep and update a file containing the personal information that you transmit to you and which can understand without this list being limited the information concerning your registration (first name, last name, e-mail address). mail, etc.)

In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, known as the "Data Protection Act", You have the right to access and rectify the personal data that You provide as part of your Program Membership.

The processing of personal data carried out as part of This website newsletters is reported to the National Commission for Computing and Liberties under the number 1298016.

We are committed to protecting Your privacy and only disclosing personally identifiable information about you to third parties, strictly in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We will ensure that the archiving and use of this information is compatible with the laws in force on the protection of privacy in France.


This is just an example, you can fill it later with your own note.