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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

What not to do in China!

What not to do in China!

Yes of course there are basic rules of life that we must apply like "Do not put your elbows on the table" and more... Fortunately, by the way. But in China it's different. Much to put your hand before the mouth to yawn is not one but there will be many other things that will replace that!

Do not kiss a Chinese, nor hugs!
The Chinese are very modest and for them it is very bad to go kiss them or even to take them in your arms! Imagine that the couples themselves, except in the big cities, can not walk hand in hand or kiss each other and demonstrate their feelings... so imagine doing a kiss to a stranger! It's just not possible! We just say "Hello" by lowering his head slightly to show his respect. Warning: We do not bow! The inclination is a Japanese gesture and we know that China has not Japan in his heart since the Sino-Japanese War...

The handshake is simply for professional meetings and we do not drag on.

Do not talk with hands and we pay attention to the tone of his voice!
The Chinese are "calm" people, who know how to control their emotions and basically speak in the manner of an Italian means that we do not know how to master! Just like the tone of the voice, if you're like me "I'm not angry, I'll explain!" it does not work like that either! You have to know how to be master of your emotions, of your joys as of your anger, you have to know how to leave nothing out. Example: sometimes I speak with Panda and, of course, I raise my voice a little and he says "Do not get angry" while I'm calm. Forced he lived in France so he knows but with the other Chinese it is not possible to act like that. So control your hands as well as the intonation of your voice, you can speak loudly (some Chinese do it in the subway) but not in an edgy way!

We must share the dish!
If there is anything that exasperates the Chinese in France it is this: everyone has his own dish. In China, we choose several dishes that are put on a turntable and each "pite" in turn on the plates. The meal is a moment of sharing and everyone shares the dishes presented. Only the bowl of rice is served individually and again! What I can understand, I'm having trouble getting my plate right now... So do not think order a dish just for yourself and keep it for yourself! 

We do not laugh with the wand!
One must not play with! Turn it on the table, between your fingers, push them into your nostrils and / or ears do not even think! We also do not use the chopsticks upside down because it's as if you used "buttocks" to be polite... We do not tap his chopsticks on his bowl and we lick / suck! As explained above, in China we share dishes. So you would not like your neighbor, for whom you have respect of course, soaking his chopsticks licked from everywhere in the food YOU will take! We do not eat either with the fingers, everything must be taken with the sticks: the bones, the cores etc...

We do not show anything or anyone with their chopsticks and we do not use them to catch anything and everything on the table. What I have already tended to do...

DO NOT: DO plant chopsticks vertically in the rice! This is very frowned upon because it represents the incense that is burned for the deceased.

Drink before drinking!
It has happened to me to have drunk before having toast in Europe... Already the one who drinks is not anyone, the one who drinks is the guest (so important or the host) so as long as he does not drink and as long as he has not drunk we do not do anything at the risk of making him look less important than he is. What is equivalent to losing face and that is not possible for a Chinese! A good thing about Shanxi, I think, is that they clink several times! I see Panda, his father, his friends who can toast several times in the same meal!With his friend Xi Rui, whom I affectionately call Xi Gege Huan Jiejie ("席 Xi" being his name, I wanted to make a pun with "Xi Huan" meaning "Love" "Gege" = "big brother" and "姐姐 Jiejie" = "big sister" because he likes older girls, so big brother Xi loves older girls!), They drink whenever they drink.

Do not lose face to a Chinese
The concept of "面子 Mianzi". "面子 Mianzi" means "the face" or if you prefer the appearance, the social identity and the way a person is perceived in society. And this is the most important notion among the Chinese because it is equivalent to honor. Respect, honesty and trust, in all areas, are key values ​​because it leads to the reputation and image that we carry within society. We know that in China, even in Asia, everything is related to the vision of the person in society and it is even capital! We do not live for ourselves, we do not think about ourselves but about a community. A Frenchman will say "I do not care what other people think, I know who I am" but you will never hear that from the mouth of a Chinese man ! Depending on how a person is seen, his family will be seen in the same way. There is no individuality, we think "group". It is therefore out of the question to lose face or lose face by humiliating someone, contradicting someone, saying something inappropriate and that is why the "No" does not does not exist in China because it would be too categorical. We can say "Maybe" but never "No"... elsewhere for that the "No" does not exist in China because it would be too categorical. We can say "Maybe" but never "No"... elsewhere for that the "No" does not exist in China because it would be too categorical. We can say "Maybe" but never "No"...

First of all seniors and we do not think about ourselves! 
It is first and foremost for seniors to use and even be served. In business meetings it is better to let him start and not to serve him. But as a family, if the elders are next to you, you can put some small food in the bowl. Laoye put small pieces on my plate and me to show my respect and to show him that I thought of him I returned the favor which was appreciated. After I did the same thing in Panda which pleased the Panda Family because he saw that I was also concerned about him. Do not think that only serve you, show your hosts that you care about them by putting a little food in the bowl they will be delighted. In addition, we take the piece that is closest to you and also we do not spend 3 hours to choose a piece because it's also frowned upon, it means you want the best piece for you little selfish !  

The bill!
In China, we pay very little separately, on the contrary we pay a bill entirely! There is no "I took this and that, the rest is yours!" not at all! Whether with family, friends... the Chinese are generous and they do it with good heart! It will inevitably be "a fight" on who will pay the bill, of course it's a "good kid fight" because everyone will want to pay. But if the one who accompanies you wants absolutely to pay the entire meal, it would be very bad to refuse. Of course you tell him that it is only a postponement and that next time it will be you but you must not refuse for hours at the risk of annoying him.

15 things you can not do during a job interview

15 things you can not do during a job interview

If your resume and cover letter were impressive enough to get a job interview, the job might be within your reach, as long as you perform well at the interview. Even the most seasoned professional can get excited and spoil the chances. A little preparation can therefore avoid common interview errors:

1. Do not do your research
You might have the skills to do the job, but do you know how the company works? Read the "About Us" page on the company's website and their mission statement. Become aware of their competition and the main players in the market.

2. Arrive late
Unless you have a very good excuse and have called ahead to reorganize the interview, no employer will consider you if you arrive late.

3. Dress inappropriately
While casual dressing may be the current trend, professional attire is still part of professional etiquette. First impressions are very important.

4. Play with useless accessories
This can include cell phones, nail files and chewing gum. They all have one thing in common - they have no place in the interview.

5. Bad body language
Eye contact, good posture, a friendly attitude and a firm handshake will take you away in a job interview.

6. Unclear and disjointed answers
Take the time to think before answering questions and avoid taking an uncomfortable break; it does not inspire confidence. Do not mumble, the caller does not want to ask you to repeat an answer or spend hours trying to hear every word.

7. Talk negatively about your current employer
Never complain about your current employer, even if he is despotic and insane. The gossip may harm you. 

8. Do not ask questions
Employers want to see you want to learn more about the job or business and will appreciate well-placed questions.

9. Lie on your resume
Anything written on your resume could be discussed during an interview and a lie about your work or education could hurt your reputation in the long run.

10. Become too intimate
Avoid telling sad stories about your need for a job because of the mountain of debt that you have amassed. Also, do not behave pretentiously or too familiar and affectionate; it never made a good impression.

11. Do not bring additional CVs
If you're not sure how many people are going to meet you, bring extra copies of your resume to distribute. This will show that you are well prepared.

12. Sit down before being invited
It's a courtesy to wait to be invited to sit down to do it. Also avoid bending or putting your feet off the floor.

13. Discuss money or holidays
Unless an offer is on the table, it is not recommended that you discuss money or future vacations.

14. Swear 
Using foul and inappropriate language is generally unacceptable at any time in the workplace, so it is inappropriate to use it in a job interview.

15. Do not follow up
You might think that you did well during your interview, but a simple email reminding you of your interest is a courtesy that could pay off in the long run.

Want to know what you need to do to make an interview memorable? These tips for making a lasting impression will help ensure your interview goes smoothly. Enjoy your interview.

9 things you should not do when pregnant

9 things you should not do when pregnant

Ok, during pregnancy, you will not stop living but for 9 months, you will have to skip some of the little habits that were part of your daily life. Focus on 11 things not to be pregnant or vigilantly, depending on the case.

1. Self-medication
Some drugs are prohibited during pregnancy. Aspirin, in particular, can cause bleeding in early pregnancy. Same for vaccines that can be very dangerous for you (such as the yellow fever vaccine). So if you have to go abroad during your pregnancy, it is imperative to always seek the advice of your doctor.

2. Radios
Radiographs are cons-indicated for pregnant women because it can cause birth defects. You must always tell the doctor that you are pregnant. Radios should only be performed when absolutely necessary. in this case, drastic precautions will be taken for the protection of your chest and belly.

3. Travel during the last month of pregnancy
It is recommended not to make long trips by car that can trigger contractions. Privilege rather the train. As for the plane, many airlines will not accept you on board the last weeks of your pregnancy.

4. Certain beauty gestures
Some essential oils are prohibited during pregnancy, the waxing too hot... You will have to spend 9 months of all these little beauty rituals that made you so happy. To learn more for all the beauty gestures to avoid pregnant. Some sports Skiing, horse riding, combat sports... in short all sports that can cause a blow or a fall are to be banned. Otherwise you risk putting your baby's life at risk. We advise you swimming, the ideal sport for the pregnant woman.

5. Drinking alcohol and smoking
It will never be repeated, drinking alcohol and smoking can affect your baby's development. Some will have to put the hang for a few weeks on cuddles. Because sex can lead to serious complications during pregnancy. Again, it does not concern all pregnant women but those who experience a pregnancy called "difficult" (low-inserted placenta and praevia, threat of premature delivery)

6. Use certain household products
During pregnancy, you are not advised to use household chemicals because of the volatile compounds they release. Opt instead for white vinegar and black soap, non-toxic!

7. Eat certain foods
Are you a fan of sushi? most gynecologists agree that they are not recommended during pregnancy. Other foods are to be avoided, such as raw oysters and shellfish, fresh foie gras, which are prone to pests and bacteria. For some (not immune to toxoplamosis), the list can sometimes be very long! More details about forbidden foods during pregnancy over here.

8. Exposing yourself to the sun
Already, in normal times, making the pancake in the sun is not very good for your skin but during pregnancy, you have to be particularly careful. If you are exposed to the sun, it is essential to protect your skin with sun protection index 50 to apply every two hours, otherwise wear the pregnancy mask. And then always think of wearing a hat and drinking to avoid sunstroke!

9. Overexertion
Normally, you work at 100 per hour and well, during your pregnancy, you will have to avoid running everywhere, and to stress yourself. It is important that during this time, you are as calm as possible.

15 things you can not do in Thailand

15 things you can not do in Thailand

Thailand is an exotic country in southeast Asia, this country like other in Asia has many unique culture. So you should know what you must not to do there. I wanted to add precision by adding my experience because I think it's a bit vague.

1). "Do not criticize the King or the royal family.
In Thailand this type of behavior is not just considered rude: it is a crime against the monarchy that can be punished by a prison sentence!"

This is true in practice, but in theory it takes more than just a word in the air that would not be sufficient evidence in court so unless your conversation is recorded... Now, it seems wiser to s' refrain from criticizing, it would not bring anything to the host country anyway.

2). "Do not use drugs.
There it does not laugh but then not at all. If you are arrested in possession of drugs you will have the choice between paying a very large bribe to the police or ending up in prison for several years."

And here I can only confirm, in France there is rather laxity in this area, but here, some foreigners languish for some time even for a little grass...

3) "Never let a tuk-tuk or taxi driver take you to a gem shop.
This kind of plan always ends the same way: you force your hand to buy at an inflated price."

It's more of a waste of time than anything else, I never really heard that we were really going to force you to buy, to throw you out because you do not buy it yes... not to be sucked by drivers who take out the excuse of "Buddha day" or other to pretend that the Grand Palais or Wat Pho is momentarily closed, go check yourself but as it is extremely rare it is certainly false 😉

4). "Do not exceed the validity of your visa.
In Thailand you will be fined THB 500 per day and if you can not pay, you will end up behind bars."

This seems obvious... Knowing that the fine is valid especially if you present yourself to immigration, if you control on the street or otherwise and that your visa has expired, the fine and the consequences may to be heavier (even more so since a tightening of rules in 2015).

Note that there is a ceiling of 20,000 baht for the overstay fine. They will be a little less fussy if the overstay is found at the exit of Thailand via an international airport, like a day could not be counted, by cons, even exceeded a few hours, a day overstay will be counted if passage by terrestrial voice ...

The rule prevails as follows:

If you come to the immigration office yourself with:

- Overstay less than 90 days = 1 year ban from entering Thailand 
- Overstay less than 1 year = 3 years ban from entering Thailand 
- Overstay under 3 years = 5 years ban to enter Thailand 
- Overstay under 5 years = 10 years ban from entering Thailand

If you are randomly controlled by being overstayed, you will be arrested with the consequence (at least):

- Overstay less than 1 year = 5 years ban from entering Thailand 
- Overstay over 1 year = 10 years ban from entering Thailand

5). "Do not point your feet at a Thai man.
This action is very rude and could get you into trouble: it's silly but it's like that." You have to know that the noble part of the body is the head and the feet represent the most impure part... In practice, it is not often that one has to point someone foot ... On the other hand, it is the same reason why one should not lengthen one's legs in the direction of a Buddha statue, but fold them on one's lap.

It's not more "stupid" than when you say "we do not show someone the finger, it's impolite".

6). "Do not drive without a helmet or a valid license or worse, having drunk.
In addition to the fine that hangs in your nose, a traffic accident in Thailand usually ends dramatically: it must be said that the Thais are crazy driving and when it hits, it hits hard! "

It's the same in France! There is no reason to do otherwise and it seems obvious! Yet when I see these young keke (I do not see how to call them otherwise) carefree especially in the southern islands roll no matter how helmet and believe everything allowed... And even tourists lambda, probably seeking to just "imitate" Thais, who actually tend to ride without a helmet...

I feel like a desire to fuck them in the literal way and I do not feel any pity when I see a spread on the road (and it happens more than you think!)

Damn, but why at home would you wear a helmet and here no! Stop wanting to do "like them", you will certainly not be better perceived / appreciated...

More generally, I would say that level conduct, there is worse than the conduct to the Thai in terms of "disorganization" (see India or Vietnam), but Thailand sadly accumulates the most death on the roads at the global level (sad record) because of a fast and uncomplicated driving style, especially motorcycles.

7). "Do not topless!
Such an initiative on your part would be very badly experienced by Thais (and especially Thai women)."

It depends concretely where, if you go on a small beach in the depths of Thailand, I think especially in the extreme south where the Thais are Muslim majority good there, yes, it could be frankly frowned upon, but on the beaches Phuket tourist, Samui etc... I do not think it will be particularly "bad experience".

8). "Do not wear your shoes indoors.
In Thailand, it is customary to remove one's shoes inside temples and houses. Not doing it is rude."

To have concretely already asked the question, it is not strictly speaking an impoliteness, but just an evidence not to dirty the interior of the house... For the temples, it is different, there, it is well a custom that goes beyond not messing up the temple...

9). "Do not show your affection in public.
In Thailand, the gestures of affection in public are badly seen: the Siamese are very modest."

This is true if you want to kiss greedily your half, take the hand, the size, stick a little is not frowned upon and is even rather become common (even between good friends), but it is true that despite the fact of being able to cross girls with shorts at the bottom of the buttocks, yes, the Thais are modest (there's only to see the scenes "of love" in their soap, ridiculous or nonexistent)

10). "Do not have unprotected sex.
AIDS is widespread in Thailand so be reasonable for your own good."

Another evidence that remains true everywhere, AIDS always exists so protect yourself when you do not know enough his / her partner seems essential.

11). "Stay cool.
In Thailand, individuals who are not able to control themselves are generally considered idiots. Never lose your temper and be firm with a smile if needed."

It is sure that it is not always easy to keep calm, misunderstandings, a confusion or sometimes the slowness of performance of the Thais could exasperate you, but you are here as a guest, respect their way of life, take on you and relax a little!

If not indeed (because it is not always abusing either) yelling, but with a smile 😉 It's the Thai attitude, it joins the famous face not to lose, and well do not especially lose the face to a Thai because here it could end badly...

12). "Do not negotiate the fare with taxis.
In Thailand, the law requires taxis to have a meter. The price will always be cheaper on the counter than negotiating at random."

Exactly, always ask for the "meter" if not close the door and take another, it is not taxis that are missing... After some will sometimes refuse to take you short, there too a law has just passed to force them to take any passenger, you can normally take their plate number and report them to the police if they refuse you.

But in practice, I think that few people do it (from a tourist point of view, the locals start complaining well) and if sometimes it's just lazy, they also refuse because they're late of work day and the place where they must take you is at the antipodes of their home, or sometimes the full of gas which it remains will be insufficient knowing that there is no station of gas in the direction there are not any street corners), the reasons are not necessarily good, but in any case, it is difficult to stay on the ground long given the number of taxis per capita.

13). "Never leave your passport on bail.
If someone asks you to leave your ID as a deposit, leave a photocopy." In general, it is always advisable to have photocopies of your passport with you, even if it is lost or stolen. The deposit will not always be accepted if it is only a photocopy, especially if the owner is a small shop, in this case, negotiated a deposit in cash, it can be done too, otherwise change shop In general, there is plenty of choice.

14). "If you are a woman, never touch a monk! It's strictly forbidden."
Yes, but in practice, you are not necessarily aware of this and the consequences will be minimal. Conversely, if a monk begins to touch you voluntarily ladies, distrust... because it is indeed abnormal.

15). "Do not throw your garbage on the floor.
A cigarette butt thrown on the floor may result in a THB 2000 fine. Be very careful in Bangkok because the most rotten policemen in Thailand are there and they like to watch the farangs and follow them until the offense. Then they fall on you."

This makes sense, same thing in France, the streets are not a trash, and even if sometimes, especially in the evening, the streets tend to be strewn with heaps of waste (before being picked up at night) is not a reason to have a minimum of respect.

10 things you should not to do in Japan

10 things you should not to do in Japan

There are things you can not do on Japanese land. To avoid oddities during your trip to Japan, here are the top 10 things you should not do there.

When traveling to any country, it is interesting to immerse yourself in the local culture by borrowing the best possible ways and customs. I propose a list of things not to do during your journey on the Japanese land.

1. Do not do anything with your chopsticks
If there is one thing you can not do at the table, it's good to plant your baguettes in your dish. Why is that? Because at funerals, we place a bowl of rice with two sticks planted in the center. Do not cross your chopsticks while you're there, it's not ok either.

Finally, do not pass your food baguette stick: for information, the majority of Japanese resort to cremation. Members of the deceased's family use chopsticks to remove the bones from the ashes and place them in an urn. It happens that a few times, we go through a baguette stick. You will easily understand why we do not trade food between two people using chopsticks. It is very inappropriate.

There is still a long list as the arm of things more or less bad taste on the use of chopsticks but there is not the subject.

2. Do not eat, do not drink, do not smoke everywhere
I already did it without knowing it, who never did it? If you take a can from the vending machine, drink it on the spot or keep it in your bag for later. If you buy an ice cream, a melon pan or whatever, eat right next to the stall where you bought your food.

Above all, do not sip your drink or snack on public transport. It's not polite and you could leave a lot of crumbs behind you.

With regard to smoking, there are places provided for this purpose, it is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the street. You will not be able to miss them, smokers find themselves there. It may be a small room in the street, corners provided with ashtrays, rooms reserved in shopping centers.

3. Do not try to sneak around to avoid queuing
Tail in front of a train in TokyoNothing more annoying to see tourists trying to pass in force, to sneak through the tails that form including to take a train or a bus. In Japan, the huge advantage is that people are civilized and respectful. Besides, it's always weird when we see this for the first time.

Do not go like an idiot and queue up like everyone else.

4. Do not take pictures when it's forbidden
You are in a museum or in a temple? You are admiring something fabulous and you want to immortalize the moment? You see a prohibition sign to take a picture posted in front of you or an employee telling you that it is forbidden to take a picture while he sees you grab your camera? If you see that the person makes you a sign of the cross with his fingers, it means that the photos are prohibited. Keep the image you have of the place in mind and refrain from taking your shot . Thank you in advance.

5. Do not keep your shoes in all places
Remove his shoes from the templesIf it is possible to keep your shoes in some temples outside or in most restaurants, there are times when you will have to take off your shoes. It's like this: you imagine for a moment walking with your shoes on wooden slats that are several hundred years old? So we take off her beautiful shoes, show her beautiful socks and enjoy the moment.

It's the same principle in traditional Japanese houses or inns, you take off your shoes.

6. Do not be agitated on public transport
Nothing more annoying than seeing tourists screaming and laughing loudly while the trainset is silent. At certain times of the day, people will be a little noisier, especially in the evening. You will then be able to let yourself sneer and increase the volume within reasonable limits. Apart from that, respect is needed .

7. Do not use the word "Jap"
There are words that are understandable in all languages. The abbreviation of the word "Japanese" is surely not "jap". All of the Japanese understand and consider this term offensive, so watch your language well in all circumstances.

8. Do not press hard for information
The Japanese will always be happy to help you. However, if you see that your contact is having trouble communicating, finding the information you need by asking a little time after a few minutes, thank the politely. Generally, this means that he will not get the requested information and rather than tell you he does not know, he will use a backdoor way to make you understand it.

9. Keep your garbage and find a garbage can
Japan is clean, people are civilized and do not throw their chewing gum, their paper everywhere. Know it, it is often difficult to find a trash in the streets. Put your trash in your bag, find a small convenience store or enter a station and dispose of your waste in the container adapted. Nature will thank you.

Ditto if you are a smoker, there are places provided for this purpose that's why the streets are very clean, there is no butt and it's a good crazy.

10. Do not leave a tip
No need to tip in restaurants. It is absolutely not in the Japanese culture to express your gratitude to the waiters or cooks by leaving more money than indicated on the bill. On the other hand, do not hesitate to thank the staff of a simple "arigatou gozaimasu". To know a little more about the basic words to know, read the expressions to use in Japan.

Do's and Don'ts
If you are not sure about yourself, what you can or can not do, do not hesitate to look around or ask for help. This will never be frowned upon, quite the contrary.

That's it, you know a little more about the behavior to adopt during your stay. There are many other things you can not do, of course, but you already know the main ones. It's your turn!

12 things you can not do in Cuba

12 things you can not do in Cuba

All the countries of the world have their own codes, their prohibitions, all those things that are not necessarily forbidden to do, but rather discouraged. Here are 12 examples concerning Cuba.

1. Talking politics in public
It is not advisable to speak politics in public, to engage in heated discussions, and especially to criticize the Cuban government openly and its politics. Despite recent signs of openness, the country remains fairly closed and freedom of expression is still relatively relative.

2. Grill the priority
It's a bit like home, when people are online to wait for the bus, we must respect the order of arrival and especially not to double those who have been waiting for a long time. Put yourself at the end of the line and take patience.

3. Come empty-handed
The tradition is that when you arrive at someone's place for a meal or to spend the night, you bring a gift. Do not come empty-handed, it would not be well seen at all.

4. To be shameless
The sun, the beach, the cocktails.. all this can make you want to let go and to put, for example, in monokini for girls. Do not do it despite the urge not to have a jersey mark on the hips that is pulling you. There is a form of modesty in Cuba that forbids this kind of behavior. However, some all-inclusives have areas reserved for nudists.

5. Do not tie your bike
Bike theft is in Cuba commonplace. Always attach it even if you leave it unattended for two minutes.

6. Get impatient
You will realize very quickly, the pace in Cuba is rather nonchalant. No need, therefore, to get upset if everything is not going fast enough for you. "In Rome, do like the Romans," they say. The same goes for Cuba.

7. Buy cigars anywhere
There are a lot of fakes with respect to cigars and it is very easy to be fooled. Do not buy your cigars anywhere under the pretext that they are cheap, and prefer the approved stores that issue certificates of authenticity, otherwise you will buy fake Montecristo.

8. Have a lot of money on oneself
If the island is rather safe, it is not recommended to walk with large amounts of cash on you. Pickpockets could benefit some parts of the city. 

9. Spit on the street
Do not spit in the street, it is very badly seen in Cuba.

10. Misinterpreting the expressions
Cubans are very expressive in their way of talking and talking to people. They very easily punctuate their sentences of Mi corazón (my heart), Mi vida (My life), or even Cariño '(My dear). Do not interpret this as two-way advances, it's just their way of talking, not the cruise ! 

11. Photographing the military
Do not photograph the military. If most tourists do, they are usually reprimanded very quickly and stop doing so. 

12. Drinking tap water
Although water is theoretically drinkable in Cuba, it is advisable not to drink it other than bottled or previously purified. 

Bad Cool: 8 things you should not do

Bad Cool: 8 things you should not do

Lust. Obsessive peach of the common man. The search for carnal pleasure. Only, if you want to reach this stage of your life, you must respect some instructions. You would not want to ruin this fateful moment!

Indeed, there are some things that you should avoid doing before having "it". For example, going to pee, it increases the risk of urinary tract infections. But that's not all!

To take the second degree, here is the list of 8 things not to do before concluding!

 1. Go away in the evening Fifa with friends
No amalgam ladies, we know that there are many girls who play Fifa, but in this one, we speak for others. So go for a Fifa = bad idea! your partner would be in danger of feeling helpless and not wanting you when the time comes. See worse, no longer be there, and you will be forced to get pleasure alone. It's a bit boring.

2. Make a satanic ritual to aphrodisiac power
To avoid. In addition voodoo wizards, satan's pals etc are often real quacks, and those, we can not find them with their note on tripadvisor. And besides, this kind of ritual often requires sacrifices of living beings, your partner may not agree. And then, all that blood in the room, not very hygienic. Eat rather a good pod of ginger, it's effective it seems.

3. Become a monk / good sister
It's nice to engage in stuff like that, really think about it before, because there you will never be able to soak your biscuit. No, your moral convictions will stop you! I do not know, if you really want to do something honorable, volunteer in an association, it's good too nan?

4. Voluntarily inoculate AIDS to make thug
Apart from proving to your girlfriend that you are not afraid of anything, there is no interest for you. For her either. Mutual respect, trust, all that fucked up! So avoid if you do not want to cool your dear and tender.

5. Train by putting your organ in a hive
Of course, a hole is a hole. But does not prevent, bees, it stings. So if you want to prevent your zizi from looking like Grichka Bogdanov, train with a sock. And do not forget, "Zizi pretty, zizi flourished".

6. Tell him it's to make a child
Children ... Nope but who still wants children without marriage? it screams all the time, it's boring. So bad idea, go ahead YOLO!

7. Eat raw herring
Not that it is not sexy, but it is that the herring itself is so erotic that you could leave your partner for the said fish. Your companion will be more jealous! Then, apparently, the herring is not so good at the stake.

8. Throw yourself off a bridge
Suicide Hebdo has just unveiled an investigation revealing that jumping off a bridge could lead to death, and thus prevent sexual intercourse. Who would have thought, huh?

Office Party: 10 stupid things you should no to do

Office Party: 10 stupid things you should no to do

Ah! The famous office parties! It can happen so much during this... short moment too festive! Some guys love it, while others prefer to avoid it at all costs. Regardless of the circumstances, there are still certain rules to respect to avoid turning an office party into hell. We propose you a list of 10 things not to do.

1- Arrive accompanied (while it was not in the instructions)
If the spouses are excluded, do not bring your sweetheart! First of all, everyone will notice (especially those who are frustrated at not being able to come along) and secondly, she will not really feel out of place if everyone stares at her. Respect the instructions. 

2- Leave after 5 minutes 
Do you think that making an act of presence is enough? As long as that is better to invent a phony excuse not to go! Your colleagues may take it badly. They can interpret that as if you have something better to do. That may be true, but they do not need to know it. 

3- Stay stuck on your smartphone
Your boss is trying to talk to you, but you have trouble answering him, because you're updating your status on Facebook saying you're bored with something rare? Your behavior may insult him, especially if you have not left your device for the evening (and you have it in your Facebook friends). Leave your phone in your pockets and socialize a little. You will see! It will not hurt you. 

4- Openly complaining about the party
The party is bad. You know it. Everyone knows it. Perhaps, however, your boss or the people in charge have put a lot of effort into organizing it. Keep yourself a little discomfort.

5- Get drunk to vomit
There is often a lot of alcohol in an office party. It can be tempting to get drunk especially if it's boring or a lot of fun. But remember, your boss may be around. Vomit right in front of his boss, it's pretty ordinary. Do not forget that on Monday morning you will have to work with him, as well as with all the other people who have seen you graciously vomit. 

6- Have fun in the bathroom with a colleague
If you are a couple, office parties can be dangerous, especially if spouses are not invited and you find one of your attractive colleges. It must be said that alcohol and the often sexy outfits of women can make some people forget that they have obligations... And if you "go" to the bathroom with a colleague, it is certain that there are people who will have seen you. Hello rumors!

7- Eat all the buffet
It can happen that an office party takes place in a reception room with a buffet. Do not go for the service guzzler. Leave a little for others... 

8- Getting already drunk 
It starts well the evening when you shake hands with your boss while you stink the bottom of ton...

9- Give a show
You want to show that you're having fun, but, on the other side, you do not want to be the topic of conversation around the coffee maker the next morning. Abstain therefore to give you in spectacle...

10- Call sick the next day
You are not the only one who has a hangover. Take courage with both hands and go to work. Be supportive! 

8 things you should not to do every day

8 things you should not to do every day

It's for your own good. Eliminate these things from your day and you'll see productivity improvements (not to mention happiness).

If you receive a decent return on investment from your current to-do list management practices, you'll get huge returns, in terms of productivity, improved relationships, and personal well-being by adding these items to your List of tasks not to do:

Every day, commit yourself not to:

1. Check your phone while you are talking to someone.
You did it. You played the game of "Is this your phone? Oh, it must be mine. You tried to act as if you were thinking while glancing at the mobile phone. You said, "Wait, let me answer that little SMS".
Maybe you did not even say, "Wait." You just stopped talking, stopped paying attention and did this things.

Do you want to stand out? Do you want to be that person everyone loves because they make you feel, when they talk to you, as the most important person in the world?

Stop checking your phone. He does not notice when you do not pay attention to him. Other human beings? They notice it. And they care about it.

2. Doing multitask during a meeting
The easiest way to be the most intelligent person of year the room is to be the person undergoing the most attention in the room.

You will be amazed by what you can learn, both from the subject of the meeting and the people attending the meeting if you stop multitasking and start paying more attention. You will discover and understand hidden agendas, you will find opportunities to build relationships, and you will find ways to make yourself indispensable to the people who matter.

It's easy, because you'll be the only one trying to do it. And you will be the only ones to succeed at multiple levels.

3. Think of people who do not make a difference in life
Believe me, the people of Planet Kardashian are doing well without you. But not your family, your friends, your collaborators, all the people who really matter to you. Give them your time and attention.

They are the ones who deserve it.

4. Use multiple notifications
You do not need to know at the moment that you have received an email. Or an SMS. Or a tweet. Or something else that appears on your phone or computer.

If something is important enough for you to do it, it is important enough for you to do it without interruptions. Concentrate totally on what you do. So, on a tempo that you set, instead of a tempo that you let everyone else impose on you, stop and look up to see what happened.

Then go back directly to your task. Focusing on what you do is much more important than other people could do. They can wait. You and what is really important to you, can not wait.

5. Let the past dictate the future
Errors are valuable. Learn from your mistakes. Then, let them go. Easier said than done ? It all depends on your perspective. When something goes wrong, turn it into an opportunity to learn something you did not know, especially about yourself.

When something goes wrong for someone else, find the opportunity to be generous, forgiving and understanding. The past serves only as training. The past should certainly inform, but in no way define you, unless you let him do it.

6. Wait until you are sure you will succeed
You can never be sure that you will succeed on something new, but you can always be sure that you are committed to giving the best of you.

And you can always be sure that you will try again if you fail. Stop waiting. You have a lot less to lose than you think and everything to gain.

7. Speak in someone's back

If only because gossip is nil. (As well as those who spread them). If you talked to more than one person about something Paul is doing, would not everyone be better off if you had come out and actually talked to Paul? And if it's not "your role" to talk to Paul, it's probably not your place to talk about Paul.

Turn the use of your time into productive conversations . You will do more and earn a lot more respect.

8. Say "yes" when you actually want to say "No"
Refusing a request from colleagues, customers, or even friends is really difficult. But it is rare that saying no is as bad as you feel. Most people will understand and if not, should you care so much about what they think?

When say no, at worst you will feel bad for only a few moments. When you say yes to something you really do not want to do, you may feel bad for a very long time, or at least for the time it takes to do what you did not want to do in the first place.

The importance of knowing what not to do in business

The importance of knowing what not to do in business
"The essence of a good strategy is knowing, and choosing, what not to do." - Mathieu Dumont

The strategy is a concept that has its roots in military history, when the high authorities of the army had to plan their campaigns and movements of war.

Today, the term strategy is overused and often misunderstood in the business world. If we were to describe it for Dummies, strategy is the way you bring your business and products from where you are to where you want to be. Present this way, it's pretty simple, is not it? Why always have to complicate things?

When you focus on the marketing portion of a product, for example, it's about identifying the choices that need to be made to overcome the barriers that are required. Often choosing what not to do is as important as knowing what needs to be done.

For start-up companies, it is just as possible to follow a bad strategy as good.

A good strategy
A good strategy should come from an analysis of the product and its objectives. A good introductory approach is to perform a SWOH (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Hazards) analysis.

The FFOD approach is one of the most popular systems for this type of audit. To be effective, this thinking should be conducted with both middle managers and front-line employees across the organization, not just at the top. A good strategy requires an analysis of the competition and all the dangers for the organization.

Be aware, this type of analysis can lead to painful decisions. In addition, in some cases it may be good to conduct this analysis even before the product is created.

Once completed, this exercise should result in a strategy that sets clear objectives that capitalize on the strengths of the product and the company. A good strategy needs to be flexible if external factors change. The term "Agile" should be applicable here.

A bad strategy as for it goes often with a goal or a simplistic vision. It is easy to determine empty and unquantifiable goals to simply get motivated, without getting results as well.

Realistically, entrepreneurs determined to pursue a bad strategy will ignore the issues and focus on the choices available. Rather than making difficult decisions, they will attempt to respond to a multitude of conflicting claims and interests in order to meet a pre-established plan. Managers of these circumstances are likely to follow old ideas and approaches that no longer work, rather than work on new ones.

As we move into a new digital age, such a mentality is bound to fail. It is therefore necessary to know how to equip ourselves with modern mechanisms and practices in order to be able to determine in a concrete way what interventions need to be put in place.

To get ready to set your strategy for upcoming product launch, you need to do an analysis to understand:

  1. What are your strengths such as: the quality of your product, your level of expertise, the customer experience, the ease of use of your product, etc.
  2. What are your weaknesses such as: your production capacity, your availability, the versatility of your product, etc.?
  3. What are your opportunities such as: developing a new product, a market change, etc.
  4. And finally, what are the dangers that you face such as: the strengths of your competition, the limitation of financial and human resources, emerging technologies, etc.?
  5. Following this analysis, you will be in a good position to set clear goals and where to focus your efforts.

Your work does not stop when your product is on the market, but when it generates revenue. A marketing strategy can not guarantee you winnings, but it can certainly limit or eliminate your losses. Now it's up to you to make a good read of your audience and to present the value (not to be confused here with the price) of your product.

Here are some tips that may be interesting to consider for your marketing strategies:
  1. Advertising on Facebook
  2. Adwords Advertising
  3. Collaboration by writing blog post ue
  4. Partnership with web influencers
  5. Hashtag Takeovers
  6. Social networks watch
  7. Intervention and positioning on specialized forums
  8. Newsletter and Email Marketing
  9. Establish mass offers
  10. Writing an introductory ebook

Be creative, but above all, listen to your audience. Never lose sight of the fact that your client always dictates the direction of your business, although you often refuse to admit it. A good marketing strategy is not about what you offer, but about what your customer needs. Have a nice day!




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